About the Baker

My name is James McGhee and I am the Cake Designer for WOW Bakery. From the time I was able to stand on a kitchen chair and reach the flour cannister, I’ve had a passion for baking. In 2009 that passion took root and began to blossom.  As I began to make my first decorated cake for a friend’s wedding I had no clue what the road ahead had in store.   As the compliments and smiles flooded the room, I knew I had a talent that I had to share.  I began to make cakes and decorate them out of the love of the art, and WOW bakery was born.

I once had someone ask me “why do you call it WOW Bakery?”  I simply gave them a cupcake and the first word out of their mouth was “WOW.”  I said, “That’s why”.

Currently WOW Bakery is an in-home bakery located in Bentonville, Ar.  All dreams and passions are born in small places right?  I look to the future and I know as long as I keep my priorities right and God first in my life that one day WOW bakery will be a household name.  Until then……..all i can say is “WOW”!